The Benefits of Learning Wushu in Singapore

August 31, 2011

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Learn Wushu to improve Strength, Flexibility and Co-ordination Ability

Building physical and core strength is the most direct benefit of learning Wushu in Singapore. Many basic Wushu stances such as the Horse Stance (Ma Bu) and the Bow Stance (Gong Bu) builds leg and core muscles. The need to hold poses and maintain one’s form during routine training and practises also helps build strong stabilizing muscles. For amateurs going on to learning Wushu with weapons, holding weapons is akin to holding weights, building arm and shoulder strength with the additional need to maintain great control of the ‘weights’.

A great deal one’s time learning Wushu is spent on learning and perfecting kicks, which requires a certain level of flexibility in order to execute properly. Therefore, stretching takes a big part of warming up exercises which also includes learning the proper way of executing side and front splits. Good flexibility helps reduce injuries and increase one’s dexterity while learning Wushu and also in daily activities.

Hand/head/eye and hand/leg/body coordination are important skills in learning Wushu in order to fully display the beauty of the art. This is one of the greatest benefits of learning Wushu as no other forms of Martial Arts emphasize body coordination abilities as strongly as Wushu. This also helps one in excelling on other forms of sports such as basketball and badminton.

Learning Wushu also helps strengthen Mental Strength and Learning Abilities

Many Wushu Masters in Singapore requires and strives to maintain great discipline when learning Wushu. Discipline comes in the form of mutual respect and self-training even when the master or coach is not around to watch. Discipline would help one learn faster and achieve more in a single training session, making full and effective use of what is usually a 2-hour a week Wushu session in Singapore.

Learning Wushu also helps build determination and confidence when one strives to master a particular difficult stunt or routine. When one is of a certain level of competency, the masters or coaches will often send them for competitions and performances, which helps to increase one’s stage exposure and gain confidence overcoming intense pressure, all these while learning Wushu.

Build Student Leadership Capabilities and Team Spirit

As Wushu trainings and practices in Singapore are often held in large groups and organisations, there is often the need to segregate students according to their level of competencies and abilities. Therefore, masters and coaches teaching Wushu in Singapore would often appoint a leader in the team to maintain discipline and lead in routine practises.

At the same time, a more senior practitioner would be appointed to guide them through new steps in learning Wushu routines. Warming up and kicks routines (Ti Tui) which takes up almost half of most Wushu lessons in Singapore are often lead by the older seniors. All these builds student leadership can confidence all while learning Wushu.

Team spirit is cultivated during mass training ( Ji Ti Quan) by ensuring that everyone follows the command of the leaders and execute the same movement at the same time. When one does not follow commands when learning Wushu, the master or coach would implement punishments, often to be met out by the whole Wushu Team, even when the mistake is made by one individual. All these build team spirit while learning Wushu in Singapore as no one wants to be the cause of too many punishments!


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