The 3 Basic Wushu Kicks and Their Practical Uses

September 15, 2011


The 3 Basic Wushu Kicks and Their Practical Uses

The 3 Basic Wushu Kicks and Their Practical Uses

A kick is a form of attack involving the use of the foot and leg. Across different martial arts, many similarities can be drawn among their kicking techniques. In Taekwondo, its side kick is very similar to a Wushu Kick, Ce Chuai. The kicking motion and leg techniques are almost the same with the only difference in the point of impact against the opponent. Taekwondo’s side kick involves the twisting of the ankle inwards such that the side of the foot exerts the impact on the opponent while the Wushu Kick, Ce Chuai, uses the base of the foot to kick the target. In this article, we shall look into the 3 basic Wushu Kicks and their practical uses in actual combat.

Mother of All Wushu Kicks – Front Stretch Kick (Zheng Ti Tui)
Front Stretch Kick is the simplest Wushu Kick which moreoften than not, the first Wushu Kick to be taught. It involves a straight kick towards one’s own forehead while keeping one’s vertical posture. Front Stretch Kick is the mother of all Wushu Kicks as many kicks are built on the basic principle of this kicking technique. The ultimate goal is to be able to kick pass the side of your head (not above your head) such that your foot is able to reach the opponent’s head if he grabs from behind you. This may sound unrealistic but many Wushu practitioners are able to execute this Wushu Kick easily with much training since young.
Apart from attacking the opponent behind you, this Wushu Kick can also be used to attack an attacker in front of you. The “slapping” down motion can be targeted at the forehead or collar bone. With good fundamentals, this Wushu Kick creates enough force to even break the collar bone of the opponent. This technique is very similar to Taekwondo’s Axe / Downward Kick.

Wushu Kick – Inside Circle Kick (Li He Tui)

Inside Circle Kick builds on the same body posture as Front Stretch Kick. While keeping an upright position, the right leg will kick upwards from 45? right and continue swinging your right leg to the left side before bringing it down to the floor. This Wushu Kick can be imagined as drawing an imaginary semi-circle from your right to the centre and then to the left. The ideal state is to block attacks towards your head using this Wushu Kick.

Wushu Kick – Outside Circle Kick (Wai Bai Tui)
Outside Circle Kick can draw many similarities with Inside Circle Kick. Instead of drawing a semi-circle inwards using the kicking leg, this Wushu Kick involves kicking outwards such that the right leg kicks from 45? left to the centre and then to the right side. This Wushu Kick is used to block attacks from the front. Hence, maintaining a good posture is important to counterattack upon blocking opponent’s assault.

Wushu Kicks are the fundamentals of Wushu. These should always be practiced duringeach training to improve one’s body posture, kicking flexibility, strength and speed. This will also help build the foundations on one’s advance Wushu Kicks techniques such as Whirlwind Kick (Xuan Feng Tui) and Lotus Kick (Teng Kong Bai Lian).

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about the execution of the kicks and we would be more than glad to help you!


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