Strength Building 2 – Strength building Food

December 13, 2011


There are many types of strength building food available, even for vegetarians. These strength building food come mainly from 2 food sources: Animal products and vegetables. However, it is faster and easier to get these strength building food into our body from animal sources, and for our vegetarian athletes, it will require more planning before these strength building food reaches the correct amount of intake to match those “animal eating” ones. Not promoting us to be carnivores, but yup, animal products are a richer source of strength building food. Some examples like chicken breast, chicken thigh, chicken drumstick chicken milk.. ehm.. I mean cow’s milk. Anyway, it’s not all about chicken, there’s also pork, fish, beans derivation (toufu) and nuts.
1. Type of food.
Food are classified into 2 types, for energy, and for repairing. Strength building food for energy comprise of carbohydrates, and strength building food that is in charge of repairing the body include proteins, vitamins and minerals. Most of these vitamins and minerals comes from fruits and vegetables, and that’s the reason why nutritionist always emphasize on adding them into your daily diet. For those who will seriously puke at the sight of vegetables, food pills supplements can be used instead.


2. Ways of consuming your food – before, during and after.
Planning ahead can take as much as 4 hours in advance! Usually these strength building food in this category should take effect within 1-4 hours.
Eat more carbohydrates, complex ones.
Actually it’s not too complex to understand. These strength building food means food that is digested slowly, giving constant energy throughout. Brown rice, whole grain pastas, whole grain bread, fruits and vegetables are good sources of food. Just before the exercise about 30 minutes, one can consider eating small, also easily digestable food (previously mentioned), to give the body a slight boost energy. These acts as additional battery packs, and you may last longer later.
Hydrating your body throughout is also important. Some may consider drinking sports to quickly replenish the electrolytes lost. Water is essential for bodily functions, and is especially important for the body to transport nutrients to every part of the body.
After – More food. You must be hungry, so just eat.
Not to your hearts content for sure! You may get f*t (fit or fat) depending on your body. Pump back up your glycogen levels, which means eating more carbohydrates. Back to what you have been eating “before” the exercise. But now, you should also Include protein food such as chicken, fish (tuna), eggs, milk, yogurt, toufu (beancurd)… yes I am repeating and the list can goes on, just google it. Research does shows that a combination of carbohydrates and proteins will speed up the body’s recovery too!
3. Food to avoid – oily and hard to digest food just before exercises. Candies are also to be avoided. These simple sugars are easily adsorbed to give a spike in blood glucose level, and afterwards, it may lead fatigue easily. Feeling like a super Mario for 5 minutes and feeling like a green turtle later is not the way to go.

Then again, this whole “food talk” doesn’t just ends like here. There’s many things that can be talked about in greater detail. For now, follow these short tips for a greater effect on your strength training sessions :)


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