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December 12, 2011


This has been a common question among all people, even for people who exercises regularly. Is there a way to improve my strength building strategy? Why do some people perform better, how do others train faster? And is there a secret behind other people’s strength building method? The key to understanding strength building, is to understand the mechanism of how the body reacts during training, and the repairing and strength building mechanisms of the body after the workout.

The effective strength training method: Here are tips to consider :)

1. Training to 70-80% of your maximum strength – The aim is not to burn out, never pushing the body to fatigue. Train constantly every day, Professionals can train up to 8 times, which means training more than 1 times daily! It’s more of consistent strength building, not how heavy you train every time.
The effect of strength training 5 times spread over a week is better than 10 times in a day.

2. Having enough rest in between trainings is important as well. After a strength building session, make sure that the body does not “suffer” any further. For example, after training your arms at the gym, helping a friend with moving his house will not be a good idea. So plan your daily activities well to maximize the effectiveness of your strength building schedule.
3. Training more muscles at any one time.
Do exercises which require strength over repetitions. With the aid of extra weights. With higher tension in the muscles, it will also train the minor muscles which are not often used in your daily life (such as walking, or helping elder to cross the road, unless they weight 100kg) This will develop more strength for the overall motion.

An interesting fact: Do you know that exercising, speaking from the point of view from your body, is a form of damage to it? But then again, it’s only when something is damage, before it needs to be repaired. The more you “damage” it, the more the body repairs itself to prepare for greater damages to come. But then again, please don’t train to disintegrate your body. I once remember studying for my university course too much, and I had to do a full replacement for my brains. Yup, glad it’s functioning normally now to help others with my experiences.

4. Strength building for the muscles – really “building” it.
Okay back to the strength “building”. Yes, it means food. Yum yum!? But don’t start drifting too far thinking about fried chicken wings or tasty beef steak. Then again, don’t go thinking towards the other end thinking healthy food means tasteless food. What I mean is, eating the “right” food.
If I am going to start explaining food, it gonna take up another 1 whole article. So stay tune till the next article in 2 days time, on eating the “right” food for strength building. Meanwhile, don’t overtrain, leave enough strength to continue reading the next article ( least 20% left everytime ya!)

No more sore muscles for the following few days from now on!


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