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September 1, 2011

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When talking about big time Kung Fu action movies, the image of Jet Li naturally pops into one’s mind.

Jet Li

Jet Li

Jet Li is one of the biggest action stars and has starred in many action and martial art movies such as Romeo and Juliet, Lethal Weapon 4 and The One, all comanding box-office records merely on the strength of his name. Jet Li’s good looks, great martial arts moves and literally killer charm are what makes him a well respected artist.

However, not many people know that Jet Li is in fact a 5 time National Wushu Champion. On top of this, Jet Li played a part contributing to the Sino-Americans relationship when he was sent overseas to perform his Chinese Martial Arts skills in the lawn of the White House for President Nixon.

While we marval at Jet Li’s $20 million bungalow in Bukit Timah Singapore, let’s also take inspiration that his success all began with Chinese Martial Arts.

Jet Li won his first Wushu Competition in 1978 in the ChangQuan category. He was only 14 then.


One of Jet Li’s earlier Movies – Marial Arts of Shaolin

A great showcase of Drunken Fists by Jet Li

And lastly, a treat to best scenes in Fearless, box-office hit that won Jet Li’s Best Actor award



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