IVP Wushu Comp 2011 – ChangQuan (Female)

The NP Invitational IVP Traditional Wushu Competition 2011 ended on 29th Oct 2011 in glory and honour!

As promised, we are uploading videos taken at the competition. A little late we admit, for it took us a total of 264 288 308 combined man-hours to bring you this series. It’s our first time working on such a big scale project, and we will be taking a break (plus a team celebration!). Future competition coverage will be more fluid.

Videos are sorted into posts according to the Competition Category. You are now watching IVP Wushu Comp 2011 – ChangQuan (Female)

Due to the sheer number of videos we needed to process, some may be lost along the way. Please inform us if you do not see your video here and we will check back to our records, fingers crossed, no promises…. =)


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