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October 16, 2011

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This week, would like to present you a series of interviews with the following topic: How to prepare for your Wushu Competition 

The interview is aimed at helping budding Wushu practitioners for their upcoming IVP competition through sharing tips and advises as to how you can prepare and train for your event. We aim to interview at 3 to 5 Martial Artists who have been through Martial Arts competitions, over the course of 10 days, with 2 rest days (cooling off period!) leading up to the competition. Should you know of any suitable candidate for us to interview, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment with your contacts (we will not reveal your contact) or contact us through the contact form.

We hope will enjoy and gain some insights from the series!


How to prepare for your Wushu Competition Interview Series – Ivan Teo

Ivan Teo - Training in China

Ivan Teo - Training in China


Ivan Teo has been training in Wushu since his secondary school days. An ex-Singapore Wushu National Team, he is now enjoying his work as a full-time coach.

Ivan has competed in numerous National and Inter-national Competition including the SEA Games. Here are a few of his achievements just to mention out of his never-ending list of awards and medals (We are not kidding here!).

- Overall Champion in 2002 Singapore National Wushu Competition
-4th place in 22nd SEA Games 2003, Vietnam
- 3 Golds in National Champ 2004
- 1 Gold in National Champ 2008 & 2011


OK, Let’s stop bragging and head on to the Interview and his responses =)


SW: As you know the Singapore IVP is coming up in less than two weeks time. Being someone who has been there and done that, what advice would you give to the budding Wushu competitors training for the upcoming IVP?

Ivan:  Take good care of their health, sleep well and relax! It is important not to get over excited. Also, do not eat food that you don’t normally eat to avoid stomach discomforts or upsets that might affect your training and competition.


SW:Do you get nervous before competitions? How did you deal with your nervousness?

Ivan:  Yup, everybody will get nervous, the questions is how well you can manage it. I treat nervousness as a kind of motivation. It is only when I am nervous will I feel motivated to do well.

SW: So you turn nervousness into motivation? How do you actually do that?

Ivan:  Hmmm… I should say, you will need a certain level of confidence in your skills first. Only when you are confident in your skills and yourself, the nervousness will turn into excitement and motivation to perform.


SW: Do you follow a specific training schedule in the final week before the competition? If yes, what is your training schedule like?

Ivan:  I will train for 2 hours everyday and stop training 1 or 2 days before my event.  The focus of my training will be to maintain my physical level.


SW: Do you recommend any special diet intake in the week heading on to the competition and also on the day of the competition itself?

Ivan:  Eat more energy giving food and food that is rich in carbohydrates.  3 hours before your event, drink a energy drink like Pocari or 100 plus and eat a banana. These will give you a energy boost.


SW: The Singapore IVP is typically a full day event and can be tiring especially for competitors who are competing in more than one segment. Waiting time between events, (eg. A competition event at 9am and the next one at 4pm) can also be energy draining. What do you recommend that these athletes do to keep their energy level high?

Ivan:  Haha! They can take a nap and simply start warming up 1 to 2 hours before their second event. Of course, it is important to remember to take their lunch.

There are also many things that one should not do also, for example, don’t watch a movie that will affect your emotions or consume food that you don’t usually eat. Eat moderately, enough to give you the energy you need, yet not too full making you feel sluggish.


SW: Other than being physically prepared, it is also important to be mentally prepared for the competition too. How do you prepare yourself mentally?

Ivan:  I will run through the routine many time mentally before the competition. During the competition, it is very important to stay focus on your routine.


SW: We know of competitors who have a check list of things to do before the event, eg. Check weapons conditions and rules and regulations, and also, things to bring, eg. Water Bottles, Sleeping Bags…. Do you have a checklist? What is your checklist?

Ivan:  Other than the essential competition stuffs like your Wushu Uniform, weapons and water bottle, I will also bring a camera to take pictures or videos.

SW: Of all the competitions you have participated, which is your most memorable competition and why.

Ivan:  The 2003 SEA Games in Vietnam. The opening ceremony was very grand and we were like super stars in their country! When we board the bus from the stadium to the hotel, the Vietnamese were chasing after the bus and waving frantically at us as if they were fans. The whole street went crazy! We were shocked at that time, only later we realized it was their way of welcoming us!


SW: Any final words of encouragement? =)

Ivan:  Results are not important. The most important thing is to do your best in the competition. JUST ROCK THE CARPET!


Ivan Teo Singapore National Wushu Competition 2011

Ivan Teo Singapore National Wushu Competition 2011 Group Routine - Gold

To view the video of Ivan and his Team’s Routing in the Last Singapore Wushu Competition, click here

All images courtesy of Ivan Teo.


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