Interview with Clarence Lee and Herh Kai – The dynamic duo

October 27, 2011

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This week, would like to present you a series of interviews with the following topic: How to prepare for your Wushu Competition

The interview is aimed at helping budding Wushu practitioners for their upcoming IVP competition through sharing tips and advises as to how you can prepare and train for your event. We aim to interview at 3 to 5 Martial Artists who have been through Martial Arts competitions, over the course of 10 days, with 2 rest days (cooling off period!) leading up to the competition. Should you know of any suitable candidate for us to interview, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment with your contacts (we will not reveal your contact) or contact us through the contact form.

We hope will enjoy and gain some insights from the series!

The most amusing thing about meeting up with Herh Kai and Clarence was that they seemed worlds apart in their personalities. Herh Kai seemed to be the strong silent type, always making calculated steps and answering only after thinking things though. Clarence, on the other hand, seemed like an endless ball of energy. Even the styles they specialise in are so different! Herh Kai took part in the 2010 National Interschool Wushu competition individual broadsword and team events, clinching the Bronze medals in both. Meanwhile, Clarence reveled in the 2010 IVP, 4th world wushu and international wushu traditional long weapons categories with the drunken spear. He clinched the Silver, Bronze and Gold medals respectively. So, what do these two very differing people have to say?


SW: As you know the Singapore IVP is coming up in less than two weeks time. Being someone who has been there and done that, what advice would you give to the budding Wushu competitors training for the upcoming IVP?

CL: Train hard, rest hard

HK: Most importantly, do not get yourself injured. You would most probably not have time to recover completely before the competition. Also if you are competing in the weapons category, I suggest that you have one weapon solely for training purposes and one for competition. In case your worn out weapon gets deformed before or during the competition. You have to train with the “competition” weapon occasionally too to get used to it.


SW: Very true. Injuries are one of the biggest setbacks a competitor can get so near the competition. Do you follow a specific training schedule in the final week before the competition?

HK: Yes, usually I will have 2 to 3 official training sessions with guidance from my coach. I will train for about 1 hour on the other days and not train the day before the competition.

CL: It’s everyday at night 7 30pm – 9 30pm for me.


SW: Do you get nervous before competitions? How do you deal with that then?

CL: I deal with it by focusing solely on my own routine rather than looking at how other competitors have done. Focus is the key!

HK: Haha… Yeah most people do get nervous before competitions. I would do some deep breathing and get a drink to calm myself down.


SW: Do you recommend any special diet intake in the week heading on to the competition and also on the day of the competition itself?

CL: Nope, not at all!

HK: I do not really follow any special diet. I just make sure that I do not eat food that are too oily and spicy. I think it is better to not have a diet that is very different from your normal lifestyle.


SW: Nothing can stop us from getting the food we like right? Haha.. The Singapore IVP is typically a full day event and can be tiring especially for competitors who are competing in more than one segment. Waiting time between events, (eg. A competition event at 9am and the next one at 4pm) can also be energy draining. What do you recommend that these athletes do to keep their energy level high?

HK: Have a short nap and not practice excessively during the intervals. Drink some isotonic drinks such as 100plus to replenish the energy and minerals you lost from the first event.

CL: I usually sleep, and then wake up an hour before the event to warm up and get hyped.


SW: Other than being physically prepared, it is also important to be mentally prepared for the competition too. How do you prepare yourself mentally?

HK: I would not focus on how well my competitors do and tell myself that the most important thing about entering the competition is to see how much I have improved from the previous competition.

CL: For myself, once I feel that I am physically prepared, it naturally makes me mentally prepared.


SW: What was your motivation for entering wushu competitions?

HK: To gain more gain more experience and learn from the other competitors. You won’t have the chance the see so many people doing your routine during your regular training.

CL: I love the bonding I get with my friends, the experience of striving hard and working hard together to win.


SW: Agreeded on both your points! Of all competitions you have participated, which is your most memorable competition and why.

CL: The 4th world traditional wushu competition 2010, it is because It’s my very first time entering a world competition and I actually won a bronze medal, so it was very memorable for me.

HK: Definitely the 2010 Inter-School Wushu Championships! It is the first time that I won a medal in a Wushu competition and I really trained hard for it! The feeling that my hard work paid off is just awesome!


SW: Hahaa… Wonderful! The first time is always one of the most memorable! It’s definitely very satisfying to have your hard work pay off! Any final words of encouragement or advice for everyone out there? =)

HK: Although winning the competition is one important component of the competition, there are other important lessons to learn from the competitions too. Make friends with people competing in your category so that both of you can motivate and get pointers each other. Who knows?! He or she may very well be your competitor next year!


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