Interview with Chuah Sun Soon – Ordinary Boy, Extraordinary Journey

October 23, 2011

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This week, would like to present you a series of interviews with the following topic: How to prepare for your Wushu Competition

The interview is aimed at helping budding Wushu practitioners for their upcoming IVP competition through sharing tips and advises as to how you can prepare and train for your event. We aim to interview at 3 to 5 Martial Artists who have been through Martial Arts competitions, over the course of 10 days, with 2 rest days (cooling off period!) leading up to the competition. Should you know of any suitable candidate for us to interview, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment with your contacts (we will not reveal your contact) or contact us through the contact form.

We hope will enjoy and gain some insights from the series!

Interview with Chuah Sun Soon

Sun Soon with a local Kyrgyzstan Family

Interview with Chuah Sun Soon – Ordinary Boy, Extraordinary Journey

Today, SingaporeWushu presents you something out of the ordinary – this interviewee has nothing related to Wushu! So what’s the big deal here?

I met Ah Sun or Ah Soon or A Kah Soon ( You can call him anyway you like, he seems to have alot of people calling him different names) at some event earlier this month and he was being interviewed by a Yes 933 DJ. A humble guy with a big heart and his own sort of jokes (he would joke and you’ll you stunned and he’ll say just kidding..), he attempt to retrace the glory of the Silk Route on a traditional bamboobicycle. The unprecedented solo bicycle trip took him over some of the roughest terrains and an inhospitable climate covering some 5,000 km around central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) and back to Singapore.

Interview with Chuah Sun Soon

The Bamboo Bike on a cold, lonely road

Although this is nothing like a Wushu Competition, I thought it really takes great strength and courage to undertake such an adventure in the first place. Sometime when I think about it, the amount of mental and physical strength needed could be even more needed than competing in a competition. Here, Ah Sun shares his journey and how he prepared for it.

SW: It was a long journey. How did you prepare yourself Physically and Mentally?

Ah Sun: Physically: eat healthy, sleep healthy and smile more. (simple exercises that make myself fit) this is an adventure travel but not a competition. Mentally: trying very best every day to prepare for the logistics, visa, changing climate, knowing new people and learning a new language.

SW: Did you get nervous before and during the expedition? How did you overcome your nervousness?

Ah Sun: I was very nervous before the expedition due to the amount of uncertainties that the expedition was facing. The only thing I kept telling myself was that I need to do it first and hope that courage and confidence will follow after a while. Sometimes if we are going for things just for ourselves, we may not be able to move so far. We need ‘larger’ reasons to push us during time of difficulties.

For example, there were 2 reasons larger than my own personal desire that pushed me a lot:

1) a story to share with my grandchildren

2) the initiatives to do with the public after the expedition was ended. Life is never more meaningful if we are living for ourselves only.

SW:  Did you follow a specific training schedule as you prepare for your expedition? If yes, how was your training schedule like and how did it help you later in your journey?

Ah Sun: It was an adventure and not a competition. Besides trying my best to keep healthy, I had friends during those times when I was preparing for the expedition to share my sour and sweet moments. My training schedule was really to only eat healthy, sleep healthy and smile more.

SW: We understand that be it a one day competition or a 3 months expedition, it is important for one to keep their energy and spirits high. However, there are times whereby one hits a low time or get what people usually term as ‘burn out’. How did you keep your energy and spirits high, especially such that yours was a 3 months mission?

Ah Sun: It is a relentlessness cycle that our thoughts will hit high and low without us knowing at all. And it will always hit us at the most critical time. The pity thing is that the only solution is still ourselves. Repeatedly I have to let myself become a child and not listen to the emotions logically. Do things like watching manga, cartoons and jogging that will help me focus on things like myself, my presence and the importance of dreams and aspiration (Manga have this power. Real life movie talks too much about love, desire and sex). Sometimes it will be really long and I only can witness and try not to fight it. Let it come and its just a matter of time that it will go away again.

SW: As mentioned previously, the aim of this interview is to 1. Share your experience 2. Serve as a motivation article for young Wushu Practitioners hitting the competition carpet in less than a week time. Do you have any final words of encouragement to these Wushu competitors?

Ah Sun: As I was saying that I am another ordinary person. In order to make this program possible, I have made some sacrifices. Regardless what is you aim, to be a wushu person needs much greater determination than mine. Therefore have the courage to just do it and follow ur goal – on the condition it is really what you want. Therefore, it is important to spend some time for yourself AGAIN AND AGAIN to know what you want and not be influenced by social pressure. After then, do all your best and eventually courage will follow. I am really no different from any of you but found something I want and I put my mind into it. As the spotlight shone on you, close your eyes FOR 10 SECS and think through the reasons that makes you come this far and SHOUT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT THAT ITS NOW OR NEVER.


Interview with Chuah Sun Soon

View of the lake and high Mountains in Kyrgystan

All photos and information courtesy of Chuah Sun Soon.


To find out more about his journey and how you can help, visit


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