Interview with Brendan Goh – How to prepare for your Wushu Competition

October 25, 2011

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This week, would like to present you a series of interviews with the following topic: How to prepare for your Wushu Competition 

The interview is aimed at helping budding Wushu practitioners for their upcoming IVP competition through sharing tips and advises as to how you can prepare and train for your event. We aim to interview at 3 to 5 Martial Artists who have been through Martial Arts competitions, over the course of 10 days, with 2 rest days (cooling off period!) leading up to the competition. Should you know of any suitable candidate for us to interview, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment with your contacts (we will not reveal your contact) or contact us through the contact form.

We hope will enjoy and gain some insights from the series!

Interview with Brendan Goh – Experience of my first Wushu competition

Brendan is no newbie in the Wushu scene! He has been competing for 3 years since 2009, with THREE Golds to brag about. He even went on to compete in the World Wushu Competition in 2010 where he faced fierce exponents from all over the world. The event seemed to have served him well, for he went on to win 2 Gold medals in the National Wushu Competition this year.

Let’s cut the chase and head straight into Brendan’s Interview =)

How to Prepare for your Wushu Competition Interview

Brandon Flaunting his Skills!

SW: As you know the Singapore IVP is coming up in less than two weeks time. Being someone who has been there and done that, what advice would you give to the budding Wushu competitors training for the upcoming IVP?

Brendan: The most important thing is to believe in your skills. Trust your training in that you have been prepared in every way possible. Focus and do your best.


SW: Do you get nervous before competitions? How did you deal with your nervousness?

Brendan: It is inevitable to feel nervous so don’t try to push it away too much, use it to get yourself pumped up before going on stage.


SW: Do you follow a specific training schedule in the final week before the competition? If yes, what is your training schedule like?

Brendan: The final week of training should not be intensive, just focus on conditioning and train specific areas of difficulty. Be sure not to over strain during this week so as not to cause fatigue.


SW: Do you recommend any special diet intake in the week heading on to the competition and also on the day of the competition itself?

Brendan: Try to eat regularly with more meat for energy. I don’t really have a strict diet to follow. Just make sure not to eat till you fall ill.


SW: The Singapore IVP is typically a full day event and can be tiring especially for competitors who are competing in more than one segment. Waiting time between events, (eg. A competition event at 9am and the next one at 4pm) can also be energy draining. What do you recommend that these athletes do to keep their energy level high?

Brendan: Try to rest during intervals. Remember your meals too. Do more visual training in your mind, and to conserve energy for the event ahead.


SW: Other than being physically prepared, it is also important to be mentally prepared for the competition too. How do you prepare yourself mentally?


Brendan: Whenever possible, try to run through an ideal routine in your head. An ideal routine would mean one with no mistakes and done with your best performance.



SW: We know of competitors who have a check list of things to do before the event, eg. Check weapons conditions and rules and regulations, and also, things to bring, eg. Water Bottles, Sleeping Bags…. Do you have a checklist? What is your checklist?

Brendan: I do not. But basically you have to prepare all the relevant stuff. Costumes well pressed, shoes, socks, guards, check weapons are some basic things to check. Get an isotonic drink for hydration.


SW: Of all the competitions you have participated, which is your most memorable competition and why.

Brendan: It would be the World Wushu championship 2009. I got to meet great exponents from all over the world and compete with them! Just by this experience, I improved quite a bit. Training or competing with people of very high caliber will push you to improve! Use every competition as a platform to learn and gain experience to improve.



SW: Any final words of encouragement? =)

Brendan: Know that whatever the outcome, as long as you do your best, nothing else matters! 



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