How to prepare for your Wushu Competition

August 28, 2011

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How to prepare for your Wushu Competition – Physically and Mentally

How to prepare for your Wushu Competition – Physically and Mentally


 As per any other competitions, it is important to be prepared for your Wushu Competition in order to achieve the best results. Any competitive Wushu athlete can tell you that his or her achievements in Wushu competitions could only be realized after many years of hard work and training. However, even one with many years of Wushu training, but lack mental conditioning for Wushu Competitions, cannot beat one who has comparatively lesser years of training but is well prepared – Physically and Mentally.


Being Physically Prepared for your Wushu Competition

It is common sense that when it comes to Wushu competitions, you should be competing with the routine you are most familiar with/ most proficient in.

However, it is even more important that you ensure you have the strength and stamina to finish your Wushu competition routine beautifully. Many a times, competitors burst their strength in the beginning of this high energy sport, that leaving little or no stamina to complete the rest of the routine with the same vigor as they began.

Sometimes, simply the excitement had drained their energy. There are also cases whereby Wushu competitors became so anxious that they go into a full fledge last minute training a few hours before the actual competition, sustaining muscle injuries or leaving them breathless even before stepping onto the Wushu competition carpet.

Start your strength and stamina training months before the competition, incorporating shuttle runs and long distance jogging. At least 3 months before your Wushu competition, start doing routines repetition at least twice a week and aim to be able to complete at least 2 and a half of your Wushu competition routine at one shot, without resting. This would help you pace your routine such that you know when to go full speed, when to conserve energy and when to pause and catch your breath during the routine execution.

Remember not to over exert yourself two weeks before your Wushu competition as you do not want an injury to prevent you from entering the competition and wasting all your previous months of training efforts. Give yourself a break with no training to let your muscles rest 2 days before the competition.

Being Mentally Prepared for your Wushu Competition

However, being usually proficient with a routine does not guarantee that you have the mental vigor to perform the routine to your fullest potential under the great stress and expectations during a Wushu Competition. Often, this is due to lack of exposure or stage fright, having to perform a routine under the eyes and scrutiny of audiences who may know even your routine better than you.

In this case, it is wise to begin your mental training early by getting out of your comfort zone and being active in performances months before your next Wushu competition. You can begin by displaying your routine in front of your master/coach and peers to assemble your poise. Another great way to build your confidence for your Wushu competition is volunteering yourself for external performances. Such external exposure, especially performing on stage in front of large and unfamiliar audiences, mimics a competition environment and helps you get used to the ‘number of eyes’ staring at you.

Without doubt, the more Wushu competitions you compete in, the more experience you will gain. My advice is to begin signing up for Wushu competitions big and small once you are able to complete a competitive routine and given the green light by your coach. You may not get your medals, but the experience on the Wushu competition carpet would be priceless. You will also have a good gauge of how you stand among your Wushu competitors, taking your Wushu competition position positively to push yourself to greater heights.

Wushu Competitions – Good or bad?

The positive pressure and expectations of preparing for a Wushu competition gives practitioners a goal to work and strive towards, pushing one to work harder for the aim and glamour of Gold medals. However, never let the aim of achieving medals be the sole reason for your learning Wushu. All practitioners will definitely reach a peak, from where if winning Wushu competitions is their main motivating factor, they will lose their Wushu passion once the medals stop coming in.


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