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I'm 24 and currently working in government service. Just a little introduction about my background in Wushu, I have been practising Wushu since 8 years old. As a Northern Style Wushu practitioner since young, I'm a performer as well as an assistant coach in Chang Quan, Sword, Broadsword and Cudgel routines. Being a Wushu practitioner, i'm inspired to share my experience in Wushu and induce interest in "yet-to-be" young Wushu practitioners.

3 ways to differentiate Southern Wushu Style from Northern Wushu Style

September 5, 2011


3 Ways to Differentiate Southern Wushu Style from Northern Wushu Style

 ”Hey, you know Chinese Wushu. Which Wushu style do you do?” This is the most common question Wushu practitioners ask each other when they first met. Wushu is often differentiated into Northern Wushu Style (also known as Bei Quan) and Southern Wushu Style (also known as Nan Quan). Examples of Northern Wushu Style include Hong [...]

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Solo Wushu Training vs Group Wushu Training

August 29, 2011

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Solo wushu training vs Group wushu training

    Should Wushu training be done on your own? While most people think of it as an ineffective training method with no one to point out your mistakes for you, solo Wushu training does has its importance in improving one’s Wushu technique.   Group training, on the other hand, allows fellow practitioners to give [...]

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