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September 23, 2011

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Based on legend, the beginnings of ancient Chinese Martial Arts began in the semi-mythical Xia Dynasty between 2194BC to 1600BC where the realm of ancient Chinese Martial Arts is often depicted as legendary and mystical.

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts – Novel Writers

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts and the lives of ancient Chinese Martial Artists play a major role in some of the world’s most popular Chinese Martial Arts novel writers such as Jin Yong. Jin Yong has written a total of 14 novels and the most enduring characteristic of ancient Chinese Martial Artists in his novels are the realistic exaggeration in the art of Qing Gong.

Qing Gong is a mysterious Chinese Martial Arts skill whereby practitioners are able to amass specialized internal energy that gives them the ability to move lightly and swiftly, scaling high walls and flying from cliffs to cliffs effortlessly, as though they can fly. Jing Yong had successfully depicted this secret skill as imaginable and possible through years of dedicated training and deep concentration in the stories and growth of his fictional ancient Chinese Martial Artists, painting a mystical fairy-like profound image of Ancient Chinese Martial Arts.

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts – Practitioners of the Ancient Art of Qing Gong

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts

The reality is: Humans can’t fly. However, there are true ancient practitioners of Qing Gong who spend great amount of time in jumps, speed and balance training, whereby the results they obtained are fast and swift movements with unbelievable sense of balance and ability to land un-scraped from high jumps. They also practice breathing control and climbing of vertical walls and trees, so scaling of high walls as depicted in Jing Yong’s Ancient Chinese Martial Arts novels are not fantasy stories, only not as high as what he has popularized.

These true ancient Chinese Martial Arts practitioners often keep themselves far away from the worldly pleasures, devoting all their time to quiet meditation and practicing their ancient arts, usually handed down from one generation to the other within a closed sect system. Examples of such practitioners are Monks from the Shaolin Temple and Taoists from the Wudang Temple. Only till recently, these Shaolin Monks and Wudang Taoists have kept themselves far away from public eyes, content in their own attainment of spiritual enlightenment and physical abilities.

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts – Modern Practitioners

Nowadays, a lot of people seek masters of ancient Chinese Martial Arts, eager to learn the ancient secret skills of fighting and to learn how to target the weakest points of the human anatomy. They believe that secret ancient Chinese Martial Arts are able to kill with a touch of one’s acupuncture point and sought after these secrets.

While it is comforting to know that most great ancient Chinese Martial Arts masters are of high caliber and are able to sieve through seekers with true learning heart and chivalrous intentions, it is important to remember that the genesis of learning Chinese Martial Arts is to protect oneself and his or her loved ones. These deadly skills should not be used to harm or stir disharmony. A true practitioner should always be mindful and content in peace and harmony.


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