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 At SingaporeWushu.com, we have two Missions.



Mission 1 
“To create a one stop online portal for unbaised information and knowledge-sharing on Wushu in Singapore”

SingaporeWushu.com aims to provide unbaised information and provide a platform where people and fellow Wushu practitioners can share their knowledge and passion easily and readily through comments or as guest writers.

Mission 2
“To bring together all people passionate about Wushu of all forms, harmoniously and in the spirit of mutual respect”
At the same time, we hope that SingaporeWushu.com can direct all people passionate about wushu to come together to learn from each other, and to learn together.

We hope that by imparting knowledge, it will infest in a even bigger way in our fellow wushu practitioner’s hearts that they will learn and understand peamutual respect for all forms of Wushu.  

With these two mission, we work towards a vision:
 ”For Wushu to gain worldwide recognition and respect as a Competitive Art and Traditional Sport”  
The main reason why Wushu is not in the Olympics is because there is no standard basis for scoring. Thus, Sports Wushu was developed for competitive purpose. However, people forget that the root of Sports Wushu is Traditional Wushu.

With many people seeing Wushu as a Competitive Sport, they are losing interest in the Traditional Art.

While we hope that one day wushu can be a Olympic sports, gaining worldwide recognition, people who pratise or view Wushu will respect Wushu at the same time that the Traditional beauty of Wushu makes it a Competitive Art, while that it’s origins in the traditional way makes it a Traditional Sport.